Julian Lennon has always felt that he has observed life differently, perhaps because his path through life has been so unusual. Nothing could be more apparent, as he reveals to the viewer his keen eye for composition and his gift for capturing an intimate moment. Julian seeks to depict his personal journey as an artist in the midst of unique life experiences.


Born in Liverpool, England, Julian began his artistic trajectory at a young age with an inherent gift for playing musical instruments. Those abilities would soon broaden into the cinematic and visual arts. As an observer of life in all its forms, Julian developed his personal expression through such mediums as music, documentary filmmaking, and philanthropy before exploring fine art photography.


‘Timeless,’ his first photo exhibition, staged in Manhattan in September 2010, debuted Julian’s considerable talents behind the camera, as seen in photographs of U2 and his painterly landscapes. Since then, his work has been exhibited throughout the world. His show ‘Horizon’ reconciled photography with philanthropy, the results of an initiative between The White Feather Foundation and Charity: Water, which brought critically needed clean drinking water to parts of Africa. During his travels through Kenya, Ethiopia, South America and beyond, Julian captured a wide variety of images with the intention of inspiring viewers to learn about unique Indigenous cultures, whilst raising awareness of their plights.


Empathy, notes Julian, is the bond that unites the planet. He offers, “We are all in this together, and hopefully someday, the world will realize that … photography is one way to share, learn, appreciate, and experience other cultures, which in turn allows us to empathise with other people’s lives…”


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